Bradley B.

Bradley's small successes have led to big successes and he is now more confident and excited about his future as an entrepreneur than ever before!

Jermaine R.

Jermaine is a great example of a new entrepreneur with unlimited potential for success.

Roger T.

You can find his website at the top of the search results and order from an available 2,500 products.

Nico is fantastic. He has helped us polish the titles and descriptions so our sales have gotten really good. We are SELLING things. Like fishing, it;s more fun and entices us to put more things on eBay when they sell.Thank You for the help.

Dave & Marge G.

Marshall has explained all the steps clearly and slowly enough that we can take notes and understand each step. He is a great coach!

John & Beverly C.

Learning to sell on eBay has been exciting coaching I received has been knowledgeable in all the aspects overall professional thank you

Edward D.

So far its been a great experience I'm just getting started and I'm excited to keep going and getting better. My coach has been great explaining everything and answering all my questions.

Dylan B.

I'm still having mixed feelings about selling on e-bay, but it's going pretty good. My coach Will has answered every question completely so that I can understand it. Very helpful. Learning a lot.

Sandra F.

I am happy with how patient and nice my coach is with me! I have many times that I struggle but he always has the answer. Thank you PMC
Alexandra W.

This is my first sale. My coach, Marshall Madsen, emphasized the importance of developing a meaningful title, using the power of WatchCount.com; proper pricing so that there is identifiable profit; and most of all, that being competitive is greater than underpricing the market. He taught me more than these and there is more to learn. I look forward to a successful business.

Fay W.

My coach has helped me a great deal -- advice he gave me last week in our session really helped boost my sales -- I mailed five items out just today!

Barbara S.

I have listed three items and could not have dome it without the help of my coach, Liz. She is determined to help me become successful in my endeavors. I am encouraged to believe that I will be able to grow a successful business. Now that one item has been sold, I am on my way!

Martin P.

I haven't put much effort into this ebay venture until recently and have now already opened an ebay store. In the first month my store was opened I have sold more product than the last 6 months combined. I am on my way to higher profit margins as well, as I continuously list more items and am quickly approaching "Power Seller" Status. I wish I would have done this sooner. I have a website soon to come as well.

Jared D.

My experience with eBay so far has been very educational. My coach has been great. He is patient with me and answers all my questions.

Peg C.

Exceeded my next goal of $3,000, accomplished this in eight weeks. Worked with Drop Ship Company to get discounts. I have identified items that are selling on Ebay and have a ongoing demand. Thanks to Carl Avery he has help me along the way during the last eight weeks. Thanks again great program.

William O.

Our coach carl has helped tremondously learning how to Sell and Research Items On EBay!

Giovanni A.

Great experience! My coach has done an excellent job making it easy to understand and answers all of my questions.

Emily J.

I have really increased my sells by getting with a Drop Shipper, they have a well establish name and creates demand. I have been very happy with the way my business has grown. Thanks again to Carl A.

William O.