Privacy Policy

We collect your name, address, phone number(s), email address and credit card information at the time of purchase. All credit card information is held confidential and is not shared with third parties. We share your name, address, phone number(s), email address ("contact information") with trusted partners who may have products or services that you will find useful in your online marketing endeavors. If you do not want your information shared with these parties please let us know immediately. We value your privacy and will be happy to discuss your contact information at any time and to allow you to make updates as necessary.


Your education includes teaching and provides you with personal and confidential information in regards to your program. These priority tools are designed to give you an advantage over your competitors. In addition to any right to otherwise revoke an offer, you, the purchaser, may cancel this sale up to midnight of the third business day after the receipt of the merchandise or premium, whichever is later. After that, all sales are final. To exercise your right to cancel within this period, you must notify ITT in writing. The notice must state that you are canceling the agreement or contain words of similar effect.