Training to Sell on eBay

Our Education Specialists possess decades of experience in selling on eBay, and are able to teach you how to build a successful business using their proven methods. In addition to learning how to list products in eBay's auction network, your instructor will also show you how to take advantage of eBay's powerful website platform where you'll market in-demand products that buyers are craving.

One-on-One Learning

Your instructor will guide you through each step of this exciting process while customizing the experience to your needs, available time, and skill level.

What You'll Learn:

  • Setting up the necessary accounts to get started
  • Utilizing eBay as both a buyer and a seller
  • Building a strong reputation on eBay
  • Researching and analyzing eBay's sales data to know what's selling
  • Finding a niche of products that are in high demand
  • Determining the profitability of the items you sell
  • Dropshipping: Selling products through other companies for profit
  • Developing relationships with domestic and international suppliers
  • Getting your products to rank high in eBay's search results so more customers find you
  • Using proven strategies to create listings that convert into sales
  • Becoming an eBay PowerSeller
  • Reaching Top-Rated eBay Seller status
  • Opening and maintaining an eBay Store
  • Everything you need to launch and maintain an eBay business

Features of the Training to Sell on eBay Course:

One-on-One, personal access to an Instructor

Live weekly webinars

Customized educational experience

Complete access to our training library of videos and curriculum

Why should you become a Top Rated PowerSeller on eBay?

PowerSellers receive benefits for achieving targeted goals around sales volume, customer feedback, policy compliance and account standing. By reaching PowerSeller status, you will enjoy several benefits including:

  • Unpaid item protection
  • Shipping discounts through UPS
  • Shipping discount through USPS for Platinum and Titanium PowerSellers
  • Health insurance options
  • PowerUp print and email newsletters
  • Access to exclusive PowerSeller discussion boards on eBay

Benefits of Becoming a Top Rated Seller:

  • 20% discounts on final-value fees for sold products
  • Get a boost in “Best Match" results
  • Prominent Top Rated seller badge on your listings
  • USPS Commercial Plus pricing, regardless of sales volume, PowerUp print and email newsletters