Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to increase your online revenue is to add multiple streams of income to your bottom line. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most appealing ways to do just that. If you like the idea of getting paid for simply referring traffic to another merchant and not ever having to deal with customer service, returns or building a complicated website, then you'll love tapping into this massive industry!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Imagine having the ability to partner with huge websites like Amazon or Walmart or big brands like Disney or Nike, or thousands of other well-known companies? What if you could promote any of their products and earn a commission on every sale you generate? That's what Affiliate Marketing is.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

There are too many advantages of affiliate marketing to list every one of them, but let's start with the risk factor. With affiliate marketing, you can promote a variety of products and offers without being pinned down to something specific. You aren't faced with having to spend days and weeks building a complicated multi-page website only to find out that the demand for the product isn't what you thought it was. You have the flexibility to promote many offers at once to get a feel for what's converting well. Once you have that data, you can then spend more time, money, and effort on what you already know is working!

Other Advantages to Affiliates

Another big advantage to Affiliate Marketing is the ability it gives you to start making money. With some Internet business models it can take days, weeks, and even months before you have all the pieces of the puzzle in place and are in a position to start making money. With Affiliate Marketing, you can find an offer and start sending traffic to it. One final advantage of Affiliate Marketing is its flexibility. There are many different ways to make money this way. Some merchants pay you a commission for sales you refer to them, and some don't even require a sale to take place in order for you to get paid! Many companies will pay you for leads that you refer to them. In other words, you can get paid for simply driving traffic to a merchant's website as long as that visitor submits their email address for some free information or signs up for a free trial. Nobody is spending any money and you still get paid.

What You Will Learn:

There are a lot of myths out there about Affiliate Marketing. Many people are using outdated strategies that don't work like they did 5-10 years ago. The truth is, Affiliate Marketing has evolved a lot the past few years and our curriculum contains the latest, greatest content that actually works RIGHT NOW. Our coaches are constantly updating our material to ensure that what you are learning is effective. Every year we spend a substantial amount of money attending the best seminars, conferences and masterminds that the industry has to offer. Our coaches attended Affiliate Summit in 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012. They also attended Traffic and Conversion Summit each of the same years.

It's About Traffic and Messaging

You will learn very quickly with Affiliate Marketing that the secret sauce is actually very simple; present the right offer to the right audience.

Our instructors will help you become an expert in delivering persuasive and convincing marketing content while generating qualified traffic. To generate traffic to your affiliate offers, you'll learn how to harness the power of:

  • Google, Yahoo & Bing (PPC)
  • List Building & Email Marketing
  • Natural Search Engine Placement
  • And much, much more...

Our Affiliate Marketing Team

Affiliate Marketing is most effectively learned by applying it. You can read about it and study it for hours but until you've actually ran a campaign and made money promoting an offer, you're not a very good teacher.

Each and every instructor who works with our students has built their very own affiliate marketing campaigns. They drive traffic, generate sales, and optimize their webpages to convert visitors into buyers.